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So the big day of moving ahead is approaching and now you have to schedule the service. Scheduling a moving or relocation service can be overwhelming to choose from the huge list of service providers and their packages and other list they provide to give you the final quote. In this article we are giving you some general tips and quick checkboxes to tick when relocating so that it take some stress out of the moving day.

First, (take it all in) you need to have a sense about how much the moving can cost you for the amount of stuff or belongings. Simply have a look at it and take in it will cost you less, some buck or a lot.

Second, (secure your belongings homework) if you have packed any boxes, label them with A, B, C, take everything tight and create a list of these boxes and other items that are laying around so that you can cross check once you arrive at your destination.

(Start digging) Now that you have done all the light lifting, you need to browse, ask questions, read reviews, create a list of service providers to consider. For this you have to do some multi-tasking. Send WhatAapp messages to friends and family and neighbors and ask them for recommendations. Meanwhile, google search movers near you, in your city or top moving services providers in your city.

(Dig, dig deeper) Whatever comes up, you can cross check it with the messages and recommendations you receive from earlier or do your research on these recommendations or research on your google search results. Here, your first priority must be the recommendations you have already received from contacts, google these service providers, check their reviews and reputation from social media. Check comments on posts if you have to. Do this for multiple service providers and narrow down a list of three to five services

(The easy part) open the sites of these service providers and check their packages. Call them and ask them if they provide free inspection either by a visit or video call. Give them details about the destination and get the quote. Once you have the quote from all the services, just call in the one which is your budget.

(The big day) you will have a list of the items you packed or the ones which were laying around and the service providers will also create a list of items they are packing in. the A B C you did earlier eased them a little bit in the listing. Now that they have packed everything, you can start the journey to the new destination. Some companies also provide tracking GPS, if your service providers does this, it’s amazing.

(Move on) you winzipped your stuffed in a USB and now it has arrived on the destination, it’s now time to unzip all. Once the service providers have unloaded everything, cross checked with the list, which you should also cross check the list you created. You can unpack your belongings and start creating your new home or office.

Moving can be quite stressful, hard on the nerves and muscles and budget as well. But once it’s all over you can sip some tea and relax that the heavy whatever was behind you now.

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