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In the dry and hot weather of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and neighbouring cities, a green lush green lawn provides an instance of calmness and peace and we at Nesmt Almalaky are committed to provide, maintain and grow this little oasis of yours. We can take care of anything be it the irrigation, planting, landscaping or gardening. We aim to give you a sense of greenry and peace you need after a hot day of hot adn for this we'll do anything in our power.

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Make Your House An Oasis

We are equiped and packed with the tools to provide you with the complete package of landscaping and gardening services. Have a look at some of our services.


Create the perfect backyard, lawn or garden with our experienced team of your own design and choice.


Lawn Mowing, Shrubs trimming, fertilization, planting, pruning, mulching and more...

Lawn Care

We can take care of any algi or fungi growth, pesticides and bug growth to keep your lawn healthy.

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Our team can take of any regular maintenace tasks

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